Infine Keylogger Lite

Infine Keylogger Lite

Infine Keylogger Lite is a keylogger

Infine Keylogger Lite is a keylogger that invisibly records every word entered into your computer. This program is useful for parents, spouses, employees, or anyone else that needs to keep track of things like IMs, emails, and typed URLs.

Infine Keylogger Lite logs every character entered on the computer into an encrypted file that you can easily password protect so that only you have access to it.

With this program, you can also log all keyboard events, including all Function keys (F1-F12), the Home and End keys, and more. The program also records the time the text was entered, the username that was person was logged in under, and the title of the window.

The program starts up when the computer is turned on, and runs in the background. It does not appear in the Start Menu or the Add/Remove Programs panel.

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